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New Warrior Wonder Woman Shots!

Had an absolute blast wearing Warrior Wonder Woman at SDCC. Surprisingly, I made it all day hauling around the incredibly heavy shield, proving that the dedicated lifting these past few months has yielded some results!

For anyone who hasn’t seen this costume before, it’s an original collaboration between artist Tess Fowler and I. I’ve always adored Diana’s Amazon roots, and wanted to pay tribute to that aspect of her legacy. Tess helped me flesh out the design, and then I went to work on the costume!

More photos coming soon - Ljinto and I worked some magic together! :D

  1. Photo by Estrada Photography
  2. Photo by Estrada Photography
  3. Photo by White Darryl Photography
  4. Photo by Shutterfoo 
  5. Photo by Shutterfoo 
  6. Phone shapshot!
  7. Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi
  8. Photo by League of Hot Geeks 
  9. Photo by Chris Fink
  10. Photo by Chris Fink

Well, I think this is just stunning.

So there’s that to brighten my day.

Yes, good. Good, yes. 

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Mantids ( i would give the species but I am not sure with the last two : / )
photos by Igor Siwanowicz

Fun fact, I’m equally terrified of manti(ds?, I feel this is an octopode-esque thing) as I am enthralled with how interesting their structure and patterning are.

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